Lower School

The Lower School develops student confidence through a strong foundation in the building blocks of language arts and math. Students drill phonograms, math facts, and practice cursive and manuscript handwriting. This is the age where they enjoy repetition and repetition solidifies the foundation. The science curriculum in the early grades has been designed around the child’s innate curiosity. In this way, they explore God’s creation and their curiosity becomes the engine of their learning. History is taught with biographies that interest students and make these historical figures come alive. Our well-rounded curriculum in the early years also includes Latin, music, art and physical education. This well-rounded approach to early education has proven successful. Our students tend to be more confident, more independent, and more capable of championing their own education when they enter Middle School.

We also know that a safe environment of learning must be fostered in the Lower School in order to encourage a love of learning. Our small classes and attentive faculty encourage active participation and provide an environment of security. Heritage’s focus on character development complements the school’s curriculum. Students are taught the importance of kindness, courtesy, honesty, and treating each other with respect.