In order to accomplish the school’s mission, we offer students a private education that is both classical and Christian. It is classical in that the early years are spent absorbing information, laying the foundation for advanced study later. In our Lower School students spend instructional time learning facts, including the rules of phonics, spelling, and grammar. They memorize math facts, poems, Latin vocabulary, and passages from the Bible. They learn about western civilization and culture, plants, animals, and the human body. They are read to and read for themselves exemplary literature and they are exposed to great art and classical music.

These basic building blocks prepare our students for Middle School, where the education includes self-discovery and self-expression. By this age students are more analytical and are interested in cause and effect and how different fields of study relate to each other. At this age we teach, among other things, algebra, the construction of paragraphs and support of a thesis, the scientific method, and the logic of history. Middle School students continue to study great literature and art and, because classical education is language-focused, Middle School students complete three years of Latin studies.

Is Classical Christian Education right for your child?

Another feature of classical education is that it links fields of knowledge. As students study the ancients, Middle Ages, Renaissance and Reformation, and modern times in history class, they read works from these same time periods in their literature class. Science class follows the same pattern by studying classification and the human body (subjects known to the ancients), earth science and astronomy (which were popular during the Renaissance), and chemistry, physical science, and computer science (which are modern subjects). The science curriculum utilizes a hands-on approach, which enables the students to acquire an in-depth understanding of the world in which they live through a direct encounter with the wonders and laws of God’s creation.

Heritage also provides a Christian education. Required daily Bible readings mean that students read the entire Bible twice during their eight years at Heritage; in-class discussion ensures that they understand the readings and how they apply to daily life. A weekly chapel service allows the student body to worship together in song, Bible study, and prayer. We promote a biblical worldview by teaching that the primary reason for our existence is to love and serve God, that the Bible is infallible, and that the Word of God should be the foundation of everything we say and do. This biblical worldview is incorporated into every field of study.